Use Twittley to Use Twitter to Share Your Links
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Use Twittley to Use Twitter to Share Your Links

Twitter shares links, Twittley is a site that uses twitter to share links. Many people find it confusing at the start, a good beginners guide to using Twittley for promotions and fun.

Many people want to find ways to share their links, but so often go about it the wrong way. Twittley is a tool to assist people who use Twitter to gain more exposure for their links.  Learning how to use Twittley can be done on your own but this is a guide to help speed up the learning process and understanding what Twittley is, and how it works with Twitter.

As with any similar site caution must be used not to abuse the site, as some take advantage and over submit their own links, not only making themselves look like a spammer, but on occasion getting sites banned from submission altogether.

Step One

Get a twitter account. This is pretty easy to do at

Upload a profile picture and get followers. You twittley submissions will do better if you have followers but this is not a necessary step. To get followers you can make a few comments that set the tone for what kind of person you are. Use 140 characters or less.

For example if you are a pet person (like myself) you might tweet “Just came in from walking the dogs, they loved the park.” Now to attract dog people add #dogs to make your post come up not only to people that follow you, but to people that follow this particular group. While this is not a Twitter guide, to help you understand this, you can search #dogs on twitter and will see all recent posts tagged in the same way.

You can click anything that comes up in green, some being user names, some being links, or other tags. Start following people with similar interests and they may follow you in return. The more you tweet the more followers you can attract. You may want to have at least 10 followers before progressing to Step 2.

Step Two

Get a twittley account. This is also easy to do at http:/

Make a good submission. As you can see on their submission page they do allow you to submit your own sites as long as it ads value. You must be able to critique yourself and your sites and realize that not everything you write is submission quality.

twittley submit page

screenshot of twittley submit page, by author

Title it well and write a brief description. The title, and link will be directed to Twitter, but the description will only show to other Twittley users. The Tags you use will be what Twitter uses.  Try to have at least two tags, use commas between, but no spaces.

As you make more submissions, your Twittley Karma rises. Don't ask me what good it does, I think its just a vanity point to show how active a person has been.

You can also “Retweet” other peoples submissions simply by clicking the Retweet button. However it is a good idea to actually check the link before you do so, because what if the link is horrid and you are sharing it with your friends? To view a link click the blue title for it. You can also add comments when you find an article interesting, or add comments when you find an article offensive to warn others.

There are many categories and you can look on the Twittley Tool bar to find links that will interest you. The first page you reach is the most popular (most retweeted) items, to see new items, that need a push, click the Upcoming button. This is a good place to find articles to retweet ONLY if they are good. Retweets may help you get more followers on Twitter.


Analysis Who and What

To see your Twittley Submissions, and how they are doing, click your name, which will be on the right.

To see how many views a link has gained as the result of a submission you click COMMENTS.

This will also show you who has retweeted your submission. At this point if you click their picture it shows you their submissions, and if you wish to return the favor (IF their submissions are good) you can do so.

You cannot "follow" people on Twittley as such, but you may want to remember who is retweeting your links regularly so you can return the favor.

On Going Use, NOT Abuse

I suggest not submitting more than one or two links in a day, and have some days where you do not submit anything of your own, but rather something you found interesting on the web.

Do not retweet everything and anything, only retweet things you genuinely think are of value for others to see.

I suggest waiting at least 2 – 5 minutes between retweets as this allows your Twitter followers/readers a chance to keep up.

Report anything you find that violates there service, such as porn, and do not submit such violations yourself. 

I suggest signing in daily, and even if you are not going to submit new links yourself, view new submissions, and retweet your friends worthy submissions.

* Submissions get HOT only if they get enough retweets in a 24 hour period.  As such regular use of the site will help others, whom in turn might help you IF your things are worthy themselves.

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Comments (9)

Really helpful and informative! Thanks!


This is an extremely well written article. I love the layout and the screenshots. Nice work. And I have used twitley myself, It is a fairly decent site, but your warning about checking the site before retweeting is very important.

Ranked #14 in Twitter

I use Twittley frequently; very helpful to promote your articles. Maybe one thing I should add; submissions in twittley appear also often in search engines.

Excellent article, I use twitter and I will look into Twittley

Great article, very useful information! Sorry I'm out of votes for today but will definately buzz this!

Good and interesting. I'll certainly check the site.

this will be of great help,thanks,(voted as well)

Thanks, Brenda. You take the time to explain how to use promotional sites properly. You can increase your followers through Twittley also. Just add people that write what interests you.