Twitter Covers the London Olympics for NBC
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Twitter Covers the London Olympics for NBC

The social media network Twitter and NBC are partnering for the 2012 London Olympics. No money will exchange hands between the television company and Twitter, although the agreement will mean great benefits for the companies. Users will also enjoy great coverage of Tweets by athletes at the Olympics, their families, the general public, and NBC TV stars.

The social media network Twitter will likely receive a large boost in popularity during the 2012 London Olympics, thanks for its newly announced partnership with NBC. Twitter will be the narrator for the Olympics and the games will be featured on a page at, as per the agreement with NBC Universal.

The Agreement with NBC

Twitter and NBC Universal’s agreement, according to The Wall Street Journal, does not involve exchanging money. Instead, a page on will feature Tweets from Olympic athletes, their families, the general public, and NBC TV stars in return for mentions of the social media network on NBC television throughout the London Olympics.

The Tweets, or messages on the network at 140-character maximums, will be collected for by a handful of the social media network’s staff. NBC will also provide Twitter with links to athlete interviews.  

Benefits of the Twitter Coverage

The coverage will be beneficial for current Twitter users, who will have a “go to” page for coverage of the London Olympics. The social media news provides Twitter a great platform for Olympics coverage online as it is fast-moving and popular, with over 140 million users per month.

The social media network will also benefit from its official role of providing online Olympics coverage as it is likely to get an influx of new users. People who want to read Tweets relating to the London games may create accounts on the platform. As well, people may sign-on to find out more about the network after hearing the on-air promotions from NBC.

Along with likely increasing its number of users, Twitter will also get great experience at covering a large live event. That experience may just lead to landing agreements with other large companies to cover events.

The Social Media World

Twitter’s agreement with NBC to cover the Olympics online will help bring the London Olympics into the online world. The social media network and NBC will not exchange money as part of the agreement but instead will work together to promote the Olympics by providing high-quality coverage in the digital age.

While Facebook users are likely to share coverage of the London games on that network as well, it is not within an agreement with the television company. Twitter currently has fewer users than Facebook, but that gap in numbers may decrease over the course of the Olympics in London.


Wall Street Journal – Twitter Embraces Olympics To Train for the Big Time

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I always wondered if the "Tweeter Bird" was a play/ploy on Tweety Bird...

Great I am glad for Twitter much prefer it than Facebook

Glad to know this, thanks Christy for the info.

Nice post dear

Well-crafted write up on this upcoming event. This is good to know.  Thanks for the information.  tweet tweet..

I love my twitter account - it has far less do and dont's than a facebook account. Looking forward to watching the Olympics from the comfort of my armchair on the BBC - even though I live in the UK!