Twitter Analyzer: An Excellent Tool for Tweeter Lovers to Analyze Their Twitter Profile
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Twitter Analyzer: An Excellent Tool for Tweeter Lovers to Analyze Their Twitter Profile

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While surfing the Internet, I came across Twitter analyzer and was really thrilled about my latest finding of this online tool. Twitter Analyzer is excellent Web analytical Software for Twitter Buffs. It is great tool for all the tweeter users out there to understand their twitter activity in a significant way.

Twitter Analyzer helps to get a detailed report by statistical representation of your twitter activity, just by few clicks. I strongly recommend that if you are a Twitter fan, then you should definitely check out Twitter Analyzer. Finding a detailed analysis about your twitter activity is very useful and can actually help you to understand your twitter activity tremendously. Twitter Analyzer helps to tune your activity, aids in identifying the areas where you are lacking behind. You can easily understand your online viewership on Twitter.

Twitter Analyzer provides you with a graphical representation of your activity which makes it very simple to comprehend. Using Twitter Analyzer is child’s play. You only need to mention your twitter ID and that’s it, just one click will give you a detailed report of your online viewership on twitter.

Here is the list of various features offered by Twitter Analyzer:

1. Find out your followers who are online.

2. Check your followers growth rate

3. Find out your followers activity or your activity just by using the profile name

4. Track the followers of your followers

5. Check the size of your twitter audience

6. Track your followers by gender, by popularity, by joining date or by occupation.

7. Check your daily tweets volume

8. Find out your daily popularity rate

9. Check which of your followers retweet your submissions the most.

10. Check how many times you have been mentioned on twitter.

11. Track your daily reach rate by finding the number of readers exposed to your submissions.

12. Find out your top rated submissions.

Another highlight of Twitter Analyzer is that it offers a great opportunity to be a Featured User.

As a featured user you have an excellent chance to expose yourself to thousands of twitter users. Feature User programme offers a great platform to expose yourself which fetches you more followers. To become a featured user you have to pay a price. There are two campaigns in the features user programme. You can choose the Impressions Campaign or Clicks campaign.

If you go and explore Twitter Analyzer you will find various other great features too. So if you want to track down your twitter action, you know where to go now ! Happy Tweeting !

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Comments (10)

Wicked little tool. Will spend some time with this.

nice explanation

this is actually very interesting. Thanks for this.

Great. I'll find this out.

Ranked #28 in Twitter

Thanks, I'll try it!

leverton Lisa

Thanks for finding this out and trying it out! It's amazing that it does so much for you. I will definitely look out for this

Terrific article Ruby! I will definately be trying this out. Thanks for the information! I'm sorry Im out of votes for today but will definately buzz this up!

Thank you for the information

Checking it out right now. I love Twitter. Not because I tweet all the time about what I do but about what I write. It is also great for discovering relavant blogs, other writers and keeping up with the writing/blogging industry. Thank you for the analysis of such a useful tool.


Twitter Analyzer - hasn't existed for over a year. The web site is no longer up and all these ads showing it should be removed. It was the best tool when it was up. I did see that it was for sale for 50K just before it went off line. If anyone knows where it is or if it is coming back, post it. It was truely the best tool available and greatly missed.