Tips to Promote Your Articles on Twitter
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Tips to Promote Your Articles on Twitter

Using Twitter is a great way to promote your articles and expose your writing to many people who might otherwise not see your articles. Getting followers is part of promoting, but you need the right followers who share the same interests. And then you have to promote your articles to your followers.

When you use Twitter to promote your articles, you need followers. And not only just followers but people who will be interested in what you are promoting. Once you have followers, you then need to promote your articles.

Getting Followers on Twitter

There are web sites that promise to get you thousands of new followers, but are these followers the people who will help you promote your articles. If you write a lot of articles about the stock market, it probably will not help promote your articles if you have hundreds of followers who are not interested in the stock market.

So just getting a high number of followers is not always the best way to promote your articles on Twitter. You need followers who will be interested in the subject matter of your articles. If you write about a variety of subjects, than you can have followers for all of the interests you write about.

I once tried a web site that promised to get you thousands of followers, and I got plenty of followers but my article views did not go up, I think they actually went down. I looked at all of my new followers and found they were promoting weight loss, teeth whitening and other types of products. They were not going to my articles let alone reading them.

The best ways I found to get followers on Twitter who would be interested in my articles are:

  • Use the search feature on Twitter and type in a keyword that your articles are about, for example health, and also search using #health. I clicked on their twitter name and if they looked like they were interested in health I would follow them.
  • Look at the list of those following some of the big names on Twitter. For health it might be something like WebMD or Natural News. Go to their Twitter accounts and follow some of them and hopefully they will follow you back.
  • Do not follow too many people per day. You want your ratio of followers to those following you to be fairly close because Twitter doesn’t like it if you follow hundreds more than are following you.
  • Retweet others and they might follow you.
  • This can take time to get those who you follow to follow you back, but this way you will get Twitter followers who are interested in the subjects you write your articles about.

Follow Those Who Follow You on Twitter?

Once you get the ball rolling with following others and promoting your articles, you will start to get others to follow you. Make sure you have the notification set in Twitter so that you get emails of new followers. Using an automated follow back program has certain drawbacks, like following those you do not want to follow.

Some say there is a rule that you should follow back everyone who follows you which also has drawbacks. I look at each new twitter account that follows me to see what they tweet. Many times I will find that their tweets are nothing more than spam.

After a while, you can tell which Twitter accounts you do not want to follow. Some of them use the same pretty woman as their thumbnail picture and have names that do not make sense in any language; these are usually spam Twitter accounts. They will not help you promote your articles.

When to Promote your Articles on Twitter

There are studies and charts as to the best time of day to tweet your articles. Looking at these charts, any time between 5 AM and 9 PM is a good time to promote your articles. You have to realize that these times are for your targeted area. Keep in mind the different time zones around the world. If you have many articles you want to promote, you should space them out throughout the entire day.

You could consider what articles would do best at what times of day. Stock market articles might do best around the time the stock market opens or if you have DIY or garden articles, they might be promoted best on weekends.

Look at the trending subjects on the left side of Twitter and see what the hot topics are. If you see a trending keyword that matches one of your articles, promote that article using that trending keyword using the hashtag (#) if needed.

Watch the news. Sometimes there are news events that match one of your articles. For example if you have written an article about a person or a natural disaster and suddenly something is in the news that corresponds to your article, promote it on Twitter with the hashtag and keyword.

Sometimes it is better to have a shortened URL. This also leaves more characters for others to make a comment or retweet your articles. I use to shorten the web address or URL.

Scheduling your Articles on Twitter

I now use to schedule when I want my articles to be tweeted on Twitter. is new and has taken the place of Twaitter and it works better than Twaitter did.

With the free account, you can schedule five tweets per hour. You can schedule your articles on Twitter for every day or any days you would like. If you have many articles you want to promote on Twitter, you can schedule some articles on certain days of the week and other articles on different days, this way you can promote many articles per week on Twitter.

Analyzing Your Twitter Followers

You can go to and enter in your Twitter name and will analyze when the most followers are online and what times of the day are your best exposure times and send you an email report.

The Benefits of Promoting Your Articles on Twitter

The obvious benefit of promoting your articles on Twitter would be more views, but there is more to it. Promoting your articles on Twitter exposes your articles to many people who otherwise might never read any of your articles and hopefully they will follow you and or continue to read your latest articles. More people seeing your articles also gives you more chances to have someone make a mention of your articles and a backlink on their web sites, and this is always helpful.

Copyright © Sam Montana February 2012

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Excellent tips for a newbie like me to make the most of promoting on Twitter. Thanks a million, voted and bookmarked!

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Thank you Bethany. I hope these tips do help you on Twitter.

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I am a Twitter fan! It is indeed the best place to promote articles and get page views. Excellent share Sam!

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Fantastic tips.

Sam, the nicest thing about our fellow writers on Factoidz, is the kindness and help we receive from each other, your article exemplifies this to a tee! Voted and a big hug from me!!

I am trying to use Twitter more as a promo tool. Voted up.

Thanks for the tip.. Sam, out of votes, you got buzzed...

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Thanks for the interesting article. I also use Gremln and find it a very useful tool.

Ranked #6 in Twitter

For the most part Gremln is working. It did not work very well over the weekend. And I noticed when looking at my scheduled tweets, the status column and next schedule column is blank. They have been very good are replying to emails.

Thank you for your personal experience with twitter.You have stated some very useful facts and I appreciate them.Well done!

I really need to start working on this. Thanks for the tips!

Great work here Sam, I like the ways you explain to get more Twitter followers. Vote up!

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Voted & Buzzed it! Thank you! I needed this!

I have heard that this method can work, but I would assume that you don't just write about one subject. I'd rather have twenty thousand followers from Twiends than one thousand who were specifically targeted to a particular niche. It just so happens that my niche is social media marketing, so these random followers are perfect for me.

Thanks for these useful tips Sam.

Nice topic and very useful information here. I have to agree...I use Twitter (along with sites) to promote my articles and have noticed a significant increase in traffic. And, the more followers on Twitter...more exposure. Thanks for posting...voted

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Great Twitter tips Sam.

Very useful and practical tips.Thanks.

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I might try Twiends again to get more following. 10,000 followers who were interested in the subjects I write about would be great. But it does take a while to get that many followers. Gremln is not working at this time, they told me they know of the problem and it should be fixed soon. I hope so.

I found a lot of useful stuff in here. Thank you!

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Especially useful article... although I find heart-felt made tweets better...

These are terrific tips. I never thought about watching the trends to post relevant articles.

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