The New Twitter Design: How to Change Your Twitter Background theme
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The New Twitter Design: How to Change Your Twitter Background theme

changing Twitter background how to change your Twitter home page background New Twitter design

Twitter has introduced a new layout for the Twitter home pages and it includes lots of exciting options for new background themes and pictures. Here is how to change your Twitter background in the New Twitter which will soon be the only Twitter option as the old Twitter design becomes obsolete.

To change the background theme of your Twitter page first make sure you are using the new version of Twitter. Then do the following steps:

1. From your Twitter home page click on "Profile" on the top toolbar.

2. From your Profile page click on "Edit Your Profile" which appears under your name and profile picture.

3. Now press on "Design" in the toolbar under "(your name)'s Settings".

4. Once the design page opens up you will see a selection of background patterns and pictures. You can choose one of the "Themes" or you can upload your own picture from your computer.

5. Under the theme backgrounds there are two buttons – Change background image and change design colors.

6. If you click on "change background colors" you can then alter the color of background, links, sidebar, text and sidebar boarder using the scale of color. Use this to alter the colors of the other elements on your Twitter home page to complement your new background theme.

7. If you click on "change background image" you can browse through pictures from your computer and use one of them as a background.

8. Once you are happy with your changes you can click on "save changes". Be sure to check the box at the bottom of the page if you want the background picture to appear as small tiles all over your background.

9. As you click on a theme background the change will show up on the page you are looking at but the changes are not saved until you click "save changes", if you decide to revert to your original background just press "cancel".

10. There are helpful tips and other design ideas for your Twitter page in the sidebar. In the design sidebar there is also a link to "Themeleon" where you can find thousands of other background designs.

11. To return to your Twitter home page click on "Home" at the top of the page.

Twitter's new design has a much wider sidebar which lets you see your followers, trends and lists above the halfway mark of your page this means that you don't have to scroll down to see any of these features. With the Twitter sidebar being wider you don't see as much of the background as you could with the older version which in my opinion is a pity. Hopefully in the future there will also be a Twitter option to alter the width of your tweets section and your Twitter sidebar.

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Comments (3)

Useful information Petal, everythings simple once you know how. Until then, they're a pain!

I don't Twitter much myself. The last time I looked I had two followers: a senior citizen and a teenage girl. Thanks, guys!

I think I missed this one, thank you.