The #BuzzItUp Hashtag for Knoji/Factoidz on Twitter
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The #BuzzItUp Hashtag for Knoji/Factoidz on Twitter

Any writer who uses Twitter to promote their articles knows how valuable this tool is to increase one's traffic. Also helpful for increasing traffic: the hashtag. Learn more about using hashtags on Twitter in general and, in particular, the new BUZZITUP hashtag for promotion of Knoji articles. Get more traffic and followers with #BuzzItUp.

I've been using Twitter more frequently mostly for the purpose of promoting my Knoji (Factoidz) articles. I have noticed an increase of more than double (some days it is more than triple) the traffic I was generating without tweeting my links. I have been steadily increasing my followers on Twitter and have reached a modest following of over 1000 users. I am still trying to increase my Twitter following, since more exposure and traffic also go hand in hand with how many followers one has here.

Using Twitter to promote your articles not only increases your traffic, but also tends to increase your SEO rank and performance, which is incredibly beneficial to a writer.

What is a Hashtag?

From Twitter, the definition of a hashtag is: "The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages."

Hashtags can be used to help people find a certain topic. When you use a hashtag in your tweet, anyone searching for that specific hashtag can locate your tweet. This depends on how popular that particular hashtag/topic is. If more people are tweeting about it, it will be saturated with other people's tweets and yours may drop from the top quickly, so this is also something to consider when choosing your hashtags. Multiple hashtags can be used per tweet and can be placed anywhere within that tweet. Twitter recommends using no more than 3 hashtags per tweet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the New BuzzItUp Hashtag

Many Knoji writers use the BuzzItUp page on Knoji, and this hashtag is designed to compliment that page. When I buzz an article on the BuzzItUp page here at Knoji, I often end the tweet with #BuzzItUp #Knoji. This means anyone following Knoji might see this tweet since I mentioned Knoji with the # symbol also, thus exposing the tweet to hundreds of writers from the site who likely have a common goal of acquiring more traffic and more fans of their own. Also, anyone searching or following the BuzzItUp hash will see this post. The BuzzItUp hashtag is sure to become more popular as time goes on and more people begin to use it.

Since this hashtag is so new, not everyone will be checking and using the BuzzItUp hashtag. This is both an advantage and disadvantage, actually. When someone does actually click on the hashtag and is brought to the BuzzItUp hashtag page, only a handful of people will be listed there, thus increasing your chances of your link and tweet being read and clicked.

One big disadvantage of this new tag is that since it's new, it's not very well known and thus doesn't receive many visitors as of yet. The more people begin to use it, the traffic and exposure for those using this hashtag will steadily and exponentially increase.

Happy tweeting!


personal experience and knowledge @Bethany1202

Twitter Help Center: What Are Hashtags?

Twitter: #BuzzItUp

Knoji / Factoidz BuzzItUp Requests Page

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Ranked #6 in Twitter

Tweeting articles has always increased my views. Even better if gets exposure to your articles and others might re-tweet your article and or put a link to it on their own web site which is great for backlinks and more views. A new twitter scheduling site is now running, and it seems better than Twaitter was. You might want to try to schedule your article tweets instead of doing them manually all of the time.

Great advice, Sam. Thanks for the input, vote, and comment! : D

Sounds good to me, thanks Bethany and Sam, your advise and input is very important to me. Out of votes, but will be back to vote up your article...

Great and informative write-up. Thanks

Excellent points here. Thanks!

Ranked #12 in Twitter

I love twitter, but with dial up sometimes it takes ages to load so I really do not use it as much as I should..

Great job on this one, a boon to our articles getting exposure!!!!!!!! Voted and RT xoxoxo

likde your write up, thanks

Very useful feature.Thanks for sharing it.

Great article. Thanks for posting.

Excellent article

Excellent tips, Bethany.

Voting up. Great information here. There's always more to learn. thanks.

Ranked #20 in Twitter

Never knew any of these until now! Many Thanks I voted.

Great information. Thanks for sharing.

Thamks, Bethany and Sam. I'll start doing this.

Ranked #17 in Twitter

I have found that Twitter is invaluable for article exposure. Thanks.

I have learned much from your wisdom here.thank you. I will come back with a vote.

Returning with a well deserved vote.

Great information here Bethany. I also have seen increased my article traffic by using Twitter. I did not know about the #Buzzitup category before reading your article. Vote up, way up!

Thanks so much for the comments, votes, RTs, and support in general. I am working hard to make this hashtag more profitable day by day! Thanks again. : )

Very useful information, Bethany. I'll have to test out the hashtag feature to see if that gains more views for my articles.

I never thought about using the #factoidz or now the #knobi or buzzitup hash tag. Good advice

I already tweet, but haven't used hashtags much.  This is really helpfull information.  Thanks so much!