Speak on Twitter: Free Audio Tweet Services
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Speak on Twitter: Free Audio Tweet Services

A list of various free websites that offer options for uploading audio tweets to your twitter, and also facebook, accounts.

Share all of your feelings in 140 characters. Get set. Go.

It's not quite that easy, yet twitter expects us to be able to condense our minds into 140 characters or multiple tweets. While there are websites that allow you to go over that limit, wouldn't it be nice if you could just speak your tweet and let people physically listen? Well, as it turns out, there are various websites that will offer such service (and yes, for free).

With an audio tweet, there is no character limit. So it doesn't matter if you're talking about this new gadget you tried, or humming a cool chorus for a song you're writing, or just going off about something awful that just happened.


Compatible as an app with the Iphone (and related appstore devices like the Ipod Touch or the Ipad), as well as Android, this even allows to audiotweet on the go. Computer users need not worry, you can still do it from the beloved warmth of your personal computer. Signing up can be done either directly using your twitter account - which automatically links it - or by making an audioboo account. The only limit is that your audio cannot be more than 5 minutes long. After all, if you need more than 5 minutes, you'd need a audio blog or a vlog more than twitter. The file is then saved to "myboos" and can be put on twitter but also facebook and any site that lets you use embed html. Comments from your listeners are allowed, but you will not know the listener count as it is not tracked.


Birds tweet and chirp, so how can you go wrong with Chir.ps? One of the simple audiotweeting websites, you just log on, record your message, play it back,add a message to go with it if you like, and it'll upload and link it directly on your twitter account. Of course if you'd rather go with a file you recorded using a program on your computer, there is an option to upload files (even from a URL). A listener count is provided, but the sound quality for directly recorded messages is decent enough, but not ideal. There is no known time limit and there does not seem to currently have a way to delete your messages.


Another website with the option to record via the website or to upload an audio file you pre-recorded. There is a spanking limit of 30 minutes, and you can still send along a small message. You are required to link your twitter account so that it may automatically update it for you. This service also does not seem to allow you to delete your audiotweets later on.


More of a facebook oriented website, you can record message after signing up with either your facebook or twitter account, though you can still use it for both. If you like to select, there is the option to choose which shouts go to what service. Shouts are recorded on the website itself. Deleting a shout, and editing its title, after publishing is available. No known time limit is available.

There's also an option to pay a celebrity to do your shout for you, limited to 30 seconds. They are also currently (as of 9/29/2010) working on an iPhone app.

Audio tweeting is not an elite service. Many free-to-use websites will let you speak your heart out over the twitter phenomenon.The choices are out there, it is now up to you to decide which is best for you.

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