Promoting Yourself on Twitter
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Promoting Yourself on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool to promote yourself and your work.

Article ideas are ephemeral in nature. They pop into ones mind when they are least expected. Take the idea for this article as a prime example. My wife’s a crossword puzzle fanatic and does every one she can find, well all except the New York Times crosswords because they are too hard for her, or at least so she tells me. Anyway, earlier today she walked into my home office and asked me if I knew a five-letter word for a Twitter message. Simple enough, it was “tweet,” but it gave me the idea for this article.

Twitter, like most social networking sites can be a powerful tool to promote oneself and ones writing but one has to invest some time in the site to make it work. Tweeting is an art because with a limit of 140 characters per tweet, one has to make every character work. Twitter is a great tool for teaching a verbose writer how to cut out the fat. It teaches us to use words like verbose in place of two words like “long winded.” I just want to point out a few things that I have learned about using Twitter effectively.

The first thing to know is to know why you are tweeting. If you are on Twitter simply for the social interaction that it offers, it really doesn’t matter who you follow. If you are on Twitter to promote yourself and your business, then you want to follow people and companies that have something to offer you.

The second thing is that you have to follow other folks on Twitter if you expect them to follow your Tweets. It’s an unwritten rule of human nature and of the Twitter community that if you follow someone they in turn, as a rule, will follow you back. It’s like I’m always telling my wife who doesn’t know more than two or three people up here on Walch’s Mountain, if you want friends you have to show people that you are friendly. Up here on my mountain my wife has to get out of the house and talk to the neighbors, on Twitter you have to become a follower of others if you expect others to follow you and your tweets. It won’t take long after you start following other tweeters that others on Twitter will take the initiative to follow you first. My followers grow daily now.

Tweet about your work and include links as to where your work can be seen or read. Whatever you do don’t let your tweets resound with a capital “I.” A good tweet shouldn’t sound like it’s all about “ME,” “ME,” “ME!” Show your interest in those that you are following by sending them direct messages about what they are tweeting about if those tweet genuinely interest you. Don’t fake interests though because you will be caught. Faked interest is just plain lying and once you’re caught and you will be caught, you will lose all credibility.

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Comments (5)
Ranked #6 in Twitter

I finally got going with Twitter, it took me the longest time to get interested and figure it out. I still have a number of questions about Twitter. When following a lot of people, the postings come very fast at times, how is anyone supposed to be able to see the @to me types of posts. If you don’t look at twitter for hours, how do you ever find the ones directed at you. They don’t show up in my Direct Messages. Those are only from peoples comments who I followed.

Ranked #19 in Twitter

Howdy Sam. Just finished another article and uploaded it and took a break to check my email accounts-all six of them :-). I try to scan the action of those I follow on Twitter but I've found that most of those folowing me direct message me if they have something that they think would be of interest to me. One could spend a whole ay doing nothing but read tweets and still not keep up with everyone they follow.

Thanks for explaining how to network on twitter. I have not known how to use it.. I will promote some of my writing sometimes, but that is about it. I don't really have time for tweeting anyway, because I have factoidz and AC that I have to network on. I try to give page views and maybe a comment so the author knows I was there. The more I network with others the more money I make because they pay me back with page views usually.

Good tips on tweeting. I especially enjoy how you interwove your personal experience into your article. Your hints about successful tweeting are applicable to all online writing endeavors that are based on a social networking site. I've found that writing is half the job, and networking is the other half. Being genuine, kind, and supportive is the fastest way to gain followers--you're absolutely correct. Thank you for the tips and reminders. :)

I couldn't agree more especially about the fake people they are so easy to spot.