Popular Abbreviations on Twitter
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Popular Abbreviations on Twitter

Twitter is a fast-paced social media network that relies on brevity of words. Tweets are confined to 140 characters each. Use popular abbreviations to include more content in messages and to respond more easily with other Twitter users. As well, better understand other users' Tweets by learning the popular abbreviations. "TY", "YSW", "#WW, and "RT" are some of the popular abbreviations on Twitter.

Twitter is a micro-social media network that is growing in popularity worldwide. Users converse with each other through text-based messages. Abbreviated words are a necessary part of Twitter given the limit of 140 characters per Tweet or message. Yes, the 140-character count does include spaces.

By understanding the popular abbreviations on Twitter, whether using the network as a personal or professional tool, users are able to interact efficiently and make the best use of their time spent online.

Polite Abbreviations

As your mother likely said, always be polite. In the networking world of Twitter, the phrase certainly holds true.

Polite phrases such as “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” are used often on Twitter to acknowledge Retweets and other mentions. The correct abbreviations for the phrases on Twitter are:

  • “Thank you” is shortened to “TY”.
  • “You’re welcome” becomes “YW”. Another option is “YSW” or “You’re so welcome”.

Abbreviations for Mentions of Other Twitter Users

Your mother may have also said there is “No need to shout about it” or “Keep your voice down”. In the Twitter world a "Shout Out" refers to the mention of another user within a Tweet.  A Shout Out is a way to acknowledge other users for good work, for online assistance, or to help the profiles of followers stand out in a crowded electronic feed.

The Tweet that embeds the Shout Out is directed toward one or multiple Twitter users by attaching the “@” character directly before the specific user's handle name.

  • Shorten "Shout Out” to “#SO”. 
  • For example: "#SO to @christy for her great article about Twitter (attach link here). TY!"

Another way to call positive attention to users is by inviting your Twitter network to “follow” or subscribe to Tweets of the admired user. Popular abbreviations that prove useful at bringing positive attention or acknowledgement to a specific user are:

  • “#WW” or “Worth Watching”. Place the popular abbreviation at the start of the Tweet to draw immediate attention and follow with the Twitter user's handle name.
  • Replace "#WW" with “#FF” on Fridays.

The "#FF" abbreviation stands for “Follow Friday”. The abbreviation is widely popular on Fridays! The abbreviation "Early #FF" may even be seen on Thursdays. Attaching user names to a Follow Friday Tweet encourages other people in your network to follow these Twitter profiles.

Use the abbreviations for Worth Watching and Follow Friday when you want to thank Twitter members who retweet your content or who are now following your own electronic Twitter feed. Positively acknowledge these particular users for their help by attaching "#WW" or "#FF" to Tweets along with their handle names.

Abbreviations for the Retweet

Retweets are Tweets that you send from your own Twitter profile that originated with another user. Retweets are a great way to share information quickly with other people in the social media network. Pay mention to the originator of the Tweet as you circulate the 140-character message by typing “RT” or "Retweet" at the start of the Tweet. The "RT" abbreviation clarifies that you are re-sharing the content of another person on Twitter.

“MT” or "Modified Tweet" is another popular abbreviation on Twitter. A Modified Tweet is created when a user changes the wording of the original Tweet, such as the text that accompanies a media link.

Here is a summary of the popular Twitter abbreviations:

  • TY = Thank you
  • YW = You’re welcome
  • YSW = You’re so welcome
  • #SO = Shout Out
  • #WW = Worth Watching
  • #FF = Follow Friday
  • RT = Retweet
  • MT = Modified Tweet

Use these popular abbreviations to Increase both your Twitter productivity and the quality of your personal and professional Twitter interactions. As well, knowledge of the meaning of the popular abbreviations allows you to decipher other users' Tweets. Enjoy Twitter, enjoy the language, and start networking more easily!

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Comments (17)

Thanks for this Christy! As you probably noticed on my tweets, I was not aware of some of these, lol! I just assumed that if I retweeted something it would show as a retweet. One question--when you tweet to someone and say @Christy for example that doesn't keep it from going out to all of your followers does it? It just shows up in your mentions so it gets your attention, right?

Hi Patti, thanks for stopping by to read. I appreciate your support! If you want to send a user a message but don't want other people to see it, use the Direct Message option instead. Otherwise yes people who follow you will see the tweet that contains @Christy (as well as Christy seeing it too). I hope that helps clarify for you.

I thought so. Also, my understanding of Hashtags is to attract people to your particular subject matter. So it's a good idea to label tweets with these hashtags? As for the #FF and such, with all the tweets that I get, how do I notice these? Search for #FF's? You could write a Part 2 about all of the questions I'm asking, lol.

Yes hashtags are good to add to tweets. Here is an article on Factoidz that will help you Patti: http://twitter.factoidz.com/get-targeted-quality-followers-on-twitter-using-hash-tags/

Another great post! Lots of info for starter tweeters!

Ranked #2 in Twitter

I really enjoyed reading your share. Thanks Christy!

Ranked #12 in Twitter

First time I learned about MT It has been suggested that we also use #buzzitup in our tweets.

Thanks for the info... you got buzzed...

Some great hints that will definitely help me.

Well done and I didn't know some of these. Thanks.

Thanks everyone for the reads and votes, much appreciated! I'm glad many of your learned new information here.

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I use Twitter a lot and until now I really don't know what other people meant. Thanks, I voted Up!

Thanks Gerard! I am pleased you have learned information from my article.

Sheds some light on all those odd tweets! Gave your article a +1.

Thank-you Graciela!

Thanks for all the abbrevations...when using 140 characters...it's important to conserve them when possible...but it helps if others know what you mean!

Thank-you Jane for your generous comment and recommendation!