My Experience With Twitter Marketing
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My Experience With Twitter Marketing

Tools to automate Twitter marketing tasks were being heavily promoted several ago. Twitter was considered as a terrific new way of getting a list of people whom you could target to sell your products.

Tools to automate Twitter marketing tasks were being heavily promoted several ago. Twitter was considered as a terrific new way of getting a list of people whom you could target to sell your products. Cutting through the hype, just what type of results can you anticipate after utilizing these Twitter marketing tools? Exactly how great is Twitter marketing? This article will examine the case for becoming involved and to determine if it will actually repay your time and effort.

Anxious to step up my product sales, I went ahead and got started on Twitter marketing to grow a large list of followers hoping to turn them into customers. I enlisted in programs that promised to get me followers on Twitter and purchased software tools to help advertise my products. Altogether, I ended up paying for about eight different programs that would assist me with all of this.

One of these tools was an automatic 'people follower' on Twitter with the objective that some of those people would follow me back. Next there was the tool that would un-follow individuals who were not following me. Getting rid of non-followers meant I could focus on other people who might be swayed to follow me. Amongst other programs I got hold of, there was one program which automatically tweeted a blog post just as soon as it was posted to my blog. I must say that the combined effect of employing all these tools together generated great results since each program did as advertised. Nonetheless, my exhilaration was quickly crushed when I realized that I wasn't making any money. Each day I would post approximately ten blog entries knowing that they would then automatically be shown on Twitter also. Assuming that more blog posts would increase my blog traffic, I arranged for my daily blog posts to be made automatically both to my blog and to Twitter as well.

Okay, allow me to tell you all about my results. After three years using these methods, I had gained almost 10,000 Twitter followers. You'd probably be extremely happy to have that number of followers, but there's more to come. In the same 3 year period, my Twitter account gathered over 15,000 blog posts that had links to my affiliate offers. And that was the only promoting that I did for that blog, I chose not to even ping the posts to see just what Twitter could do for me. Well I learned, in the last 3 years I pulled in 2 affiliate sales for a total of $48, and I pulled in $8.52 with Adsense. And that particular blog only receives about 2 to 4 visitors each day from Twitter.

Despite me employing software to make the job more effortless and achieving roughly 10,000 followers on Twitter, I still could not turn a good profit using Twitter marketing for my blog. As a matter of fact, in the last 3 years I have not even made enough money from that blog to pay for the Twitter programs that I had purchased. There may be other more successful means of marketing on Twitter, but from my experience, using automatic software tools is not one of them.

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For article views like on Factoidz Twitter works well.

Very interesting and informative share

Which twitter marketing programs you used for this purpose? I used only free available softwares or programs to get twitter followers and it helped me getting around 1500 followers within a year. But as I was not planning to market it, the success rate was sufficient for me.

You have been really successful. Thanks sharing this to us.

Thankyou for sharing. That was really informative. I was planning to start all this in twitter. But, thanks for your advice :D

Thanks for the info and for sharing your experience. I always stick with free programs for this very reason -- no risk.