How Twitter Can Help You Survive the Holidays
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How Twitter Can Help You Survive the Holidays

How to use Twitter to help you deal with the stress of food, shopping and family get-togethers during the holidays.

The holiday season can be hard. It can be stressful. It can make you want to pull out your hair. Some of us try to find ways to cope, but going back to smoking or buying voodoo dolls aren’t really the healthiest ways to deal with your stress.

photo courtesy of Constantin B. from Flickr

Fortunately we have social media. Now we have Twitter!

While Twitter has been around for years, its population didn’t explode until 2009 so it’s the first time for most people to be using Twitter during the holidays. There are millions of us now on Twitter, using it in thousands of different ways. Whether you’re an infrequent Tweeter who still feels awkward using it, or you’re the addict who spends more time tweeting than talking, there are some very useful ways Twitter can help you get through the holidays without draining your liquor cabinet.

Twitter Your Family Embarrassments

Yes, that’s right. Twitter those very odd things your family members do. Is your uncle the king of corny jokes? Is your Grandma invoking Jesus in every sentence? Is your sister an expert at backhanded compliments? Let Twitter be your therapy for this. Instead of internalizing all those comments that irk you, let them flow out on Twitter. When your mother says, “it must be nice to have a husband who doesn’t mind that you don’t vacuum” it’s easy to go into self-destruct. Instead, put that negative energy outward on the Internet and it turns into a Tweet you and your followers can laugh at. Also, you are bound to have friends on Twitter who are going through similar struggles at their holiday get-togethers. So you can expect to start getting supportive comments on Twitter.

*Warning: This may not be the best advice to follow if the family members you quote on Twitter actually follow you on Twitter.

Follow Tweeters Who De-Stress You

It’s easy to get completely wrapped up in your small world of holiday hell. Turn to Twitter for a break from the stress. Do you need a laugh? Do you need a Life Coach? Do you need a Yoga moment? Now is the time to search out those people who can provide a little levity and much-needed stress relief. There are so many Twitterers who regularly post funny tweets and others who provide inspirational tweets.

Twitter is Your Personal Holiday Hotline

The big holiday season comes just once a year, meaning there are plenty of things you do only once a year. Do you remember how long it takes to thaw a turkey? A fellow Tweeter just asked this question on Twitter and immediately got several responses. What wine goes with lamb? What’s a great gift idea for a 9 year-old boy? Whatever question you have, there are bound to be many people following you on Twitter with some answers… or at least some good advice. People love being helpful. Twitter lets them answer the questions they know the answer to and ignore the ones they don’t. Maybe you’ve never had to buy for toddlers before. Well, I can bet that you’ve got a few dozen people on Twitter who has had to buy gifts for children before. Twitter is like having a panel of experts at your fingertips.

Let Twitter Inspire You

Break yourself from the holiday blahs. Don’t be a Bah Humbug. Let Twitter help you get into the holiday spirit. Find some Twitter accounts that talk about the brighter side of Christmas. @Christmas offers a variety of shopping news, holiday movies and unusual Christmas websites. @ChristmasCoupon offers holiday deals. @Christmas4u is constantly sending positive tweets, offering inspirational quotes and gift ideas.

Chances are, this is your first holiday season with Twitter so you may not have considered all that this social media tool can do for you. Whether you need a friend to remind you to stop and breathe or to give you a recipe for a fabulous stuffing, Twitter is your secret weapon on winning the battle against stress this holiday season.


photo courtesy of Powellizer from Flickr

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