How to Check and Compare Existing Twitter Followers and Following Lists
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How to Check and Compare Existing Twitter Followers and Following Lists

How to check who unfollows you followers on twitter see unfollowers on twitter

Twitter likes it's members to keep the followers/following ratio balanced, if you are following 2000 and are followed by a disproportionate amount of followers then you may see a message telling you that "this action is not allowed by your account…" and you will need to adjust your follower/following ratio.

There are plenty of programs to tell you which twitterers un-follow you, one of the best is @unfollowr. @unfollowr Direct Messages you on Twitter each time someone unfollows you. These programs only checks new followers from the time you join the program but not the existing list of followers and following on your twitter account. These programs cannot help you if you want to look back over your existing list. However what if you want to check the followers you already had, as opposed to new followers. Tweeter Karma does just that.

Tweeter Karma

It is easy to register with Tweeter Karma, you just log in using your Twitter account, and then press the big button labled "Wack!" There is a warning at the top of the Tweeter Karma home page warning that the program has "… issues with trying to use Tweeter Karma in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Explore. Please make sure you are using an alternate browser". Despite this warning I used the program in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Explore with no problem.

Once you press the "Wack" button there is a long loading time of up to 5 minutes, and you may need to refresh the page but the wait is worth it. You are then shown a page with all your Twitter connections – followers and following. There is the Tweeter name, image and when the account was last updates. In addition to this there is a red line showing which are following you, a green line showing which you are following and a link to alter this status. You can use the "when last updates" information to see is Twitter accounts have been abandoned and are out of use thus being pointless to follow.

The next thing you should do is go down the list of Twitterers and where there is only green (you are following them and they are not following you back) alter the status and unfollow them. It is bad Twitter etiquette to not follow someone back if they are following you, so if you see Twitterers who follow you and you don't follow them then do the right thing and follow them back.

It is very interesting to go over this list of Twitterers and see who "tricked" you by following you and then after you follow them back they unfollow you. I was surprised that the ones who had done this were other writers and online small-fry like myself. To my delight Martha Stewart who has over 2 million followers has included me as one of the 8,000 she followers. There are some twitterers I follow without being followed back those include Oprah Winfrey and several news streams and this is fine with me. There were also several twitterers whom I am interested in but they have not reciprocated my follow so I sent them a Direct Message asking politely if they wanted to follow me back. If they do not respond I will unfollow them.

Although this sounds like playground politics keeping the follower/following balance is important in growing your Twitter account beyond 2000 followers, and if your purpose is to promote yourself of your product then following blindly one way is unproductive. So do a Twitter cleanout using Tweeter karma and then continue to add fair and reciprocating followers to your Twitter account.

Check out the Tweeter Karma site and follow me at @petalm - I'll follow you back!

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