How to Automate Twitter to Get More Readers Socialoomph
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How to Automate Twitter to Get More Readers Socialoomph

Schedule your tweets and get more from Twitter. How to use Twitter for marketing.

Twitter is a great place for marketing articles and getting to know others who write and are interested in the similar subjects to ones that interest you most. Most people who use Twitter will ‘tweet’ a new article as soon as they have written it and hope that some of their followers will read and even ‘retweet’ the article for them. All this is quite time consuming and it never occurs to writers to ‘tweet’ the same things more than once.

If you use tags when you ‘tweet’ your message will be sent out to anyone else who has stated an interest in your subject and not just to your own followers. To add tags to a ‘tweet’ use the # key add a category. You might want to add two, or three tags but do not be tempted to add too many or you could make your ‘tweet’ look like spam.

For example, let’s say that I have written an article on Football (as though that would ever be likely). My first ‘tweet’ might read like this:

Football cup winners #football #davidbeckham #footballboots

The status update would go to my followers and the people interested in those three categories. Then, if I decided to ‘retweet’ the article a bit later, I might change the tags to get some fresh readers:

Football cup winners #worldcup #Liverpool #sports

Any subsequent ‘tweets’ would have different tags, or mixtures of them. Don’t be tempted to send dozens of ‘tweets’ one after the other, or you will quickly get a reputation as a spammer.

There is a fast way to organize you ‘retweets’ and once you have set it up, you will soon see the number of daily reads to your articles, blogs and webpages increasing, without further effort.

Socialoomph is a website which lets you set up a ‘tweeting’ schedule, among other things. There are two types of membership: free and professional. The free one offers all facilities you need to set this up. Once you have joined up to the site and agreed that it can access you Twitter account, you can start listing your article titles and writing status reports for them. You can then schedule these to be released to Twitter in minutes, hours, days and weeks.

Simply reschedule the titles with different tags every few days, or weeks and keep getting extra reads on them almost indefinitely, as long as you keep your schedule up to date.

The effect of this is almost instant as you see old articles gets new reads. The only thing to be careful of here is that you do not schedule the ‘retweets’ too frequently for articles, or your followers will get bored with them. Add a few new articles to the schedule and let it run and then work on a few different ones. It is simple to set up but might take a few minutes.

Socialoomph:  automate your Twitter updates.

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I just can't seem to get the hang of this twitter thing

This is very good Jerome. Thanks for sharing!

That's really useful Jerome.

Great advice

excellent share friend

Nice tips on twitter but I'm not used to it. May consider using it later.

Great advice that I will follow.

wonderful find. this is useful and beneficial information. thanks