How Much Is Each Twitter Follower Worth?
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How Much Is Each Twitter Follower Worth?

Twitter Followers can be money and backlinks. Social Networking can earn you money. Each follower may have a certain average of money.

You look at your follower count on a social networking website, your blog, or your email list. It shows one more follower then last time you checked; maybe it was yesterday, maybe it was last week. The point is you’ve seen growth in your business.

So what? That’s something you may be saying. “It’s just one follower/subscriber”. Well with each of these followers there is a chance for a lifetime follower. A Lifetime Follower is a follower that will stick with you for a long time, maybe even their whole life. These are the followers that you can make the most money from.

How do you make money from them? By selling products or having advertisements on your website. They will see these products and advertisements on your blog or website.

Why is it easier to make money from a lifetime follower? Well, first of all they are with you for a while. There has to be a reason for that. They like your killer content. This means they would see more value in your products and be more likely to buy them. Another reason is that they will be on your blog more often so they will see the advertisements more often and may click some of them.

Big Companies love to see lifetime followers/customers. This means that they will make money from them forever. This is the kind of customer they prefer.

A lot of online companies pay you to refer people to their products. Hostgator is one of those companies. They pay $50 per sign up and they only get $8.95 per month for the hosting they provide.

Why would Hostgator pay that much? Well, without a doubt they have done their research. They know an average of how much each customer they get is worth. So it obviously is more than $50, because they are working for a profit. So therefore $50 per sign-up isn’t that much to them.

What does this have to do with your twitter followers? Well the more followers you have the more likely you are to get an email list subscriber, which is probably the closest you can get to any of your readers. Once you have their email address you have access to them.

Now say you make $500 from your email list on a product you release. You have 100 subscribers. You take the $500/100 subscribers and you will get $5 per subscriber. That is how much an email list subscriber is. Remember it’s just an average; you may make no money from that follower. Or you might make $100 from that follower.

So that means that your new follower on Twitter that you got may be worth $5. That’s why it’s worth it to get as many followers as possible. You never know who will become $5 or even $100. Along with money they could help you get backlinks and earn on Factoidz.

So I suggest growing your list, twitter, and facebook fan page. Don’t say you’ll get to it later. Take action now.

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Comments (5)

I have over 12,000 Twitter followers, and getting about a thousand new ones a day recently. I don't know about email lists, but I definitely get views on whatever I tweet.

Ranked #26 in Twitter

Yeah. That helps as well. Probably helps you to make tons of money on articles and whatever else you do.

Ranked #2 in Twitter

Email list of twitter followers sounds interesting! Excellent article Nick

Ranked #26 in Twitter

Thanks Ruby. I appreciate it!

Ranked #2 in Twitter

Increase your twitter followers easily, check out this gig guys