Twitter Etiquette to Keep Followers
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Twitter Etiquette to Keep Followers

On Twitter, the more followers a user has, the better the chances that the tweeted content will be read and retweeted. When proper etiquette is used, Twitter users are more likely to keep their followers than to lose them with a click of the unfollow button. Examples of good etiquette on Twitter include acknowledging new followers, retweeting in return for a favour, and avoiding foul language in tweets.

Twitter is a fast-paced social media network that involves following and being followed by other users. The more followers a user has, the better the chances that the tweeted content will be read and retweeted. When proper etiquette is used, Twitter users are more likely to keep their followers than to lose them with a click of the unfollow button.

Follow Back

A primary etiquette rule on Twitter is to follow back people who follow you first. This action is considered to be polite. The exception would be if a company or individual user follows you who is looking for money or exists simply to advertise affiliate links. Do not feel pressured to follow these people who will only hound you with advertisements unrelated to your interests.

When you follow back, users receive notification of the follow. The user may look further at your profile and tweets. If you have protected your tweets so that they are not available publicly, your new follower is now able to also view your electronic feed. The added benefit of following back is that your twitter reads likely increase as well.

Acknowledge Users Who Retweet Your Content

Another etiquette rule to use on Twitter to keep followers is to acknowledge users who retweet your content. Your receive notification of retweets either by email or by the Interactions tab on Twitter. In response to the retweet, send the individual user a thank-you tweet that includes his or her handle name. The user will appreciate the attention as well as the time you took to compose the message. Given your kindness, the user is likely to stay your follower and remember you.

Retweet In Return For a Retweet

In addition to sending a thank-you tweet, go a step further by retweeting content from your follower’s feed in return for his or her original retweet. You retweet in return for having received a retweet. You practice good etiquette by returning the favor. The user was not obligated to share your content in the first place and your retweet is another way to say thank-you. That user will want to continue to follow you given you are polite and willing to share other people’s content.

Avoid Spam Messages

Some Twitter users do not like Direct Messages that contain links. When you receive a new follower, you can send him or her a tweet to say thank-you if you wish but sending a direct message which includes your website link is often frowned upon by users. Your new follower may view your link as spam and consider you rude if that person does not personally know you. The next step may be that the person unfollows you; you do not keep followers by force-feeding them your website links.

Instead, include your links where appropriate. For example, if you pick up on a Twitter conversation about summertime activities and you recently wrote an article about a sandcastle competition, you could tweet them that link as it adds relevant information within the conversation. If the conversation is about football, adding in your sandcastle link is not relevant and could cost you a follower or two.

Avoid Swearing and Insults

One way to lose rather than keep followers is to swear and insult within your tweets. Followers can lose respect for you and may no longer want to be connected on Twitter when you use foul language, regardless of whether you are referring to them or not. That is a personal preference; try to keep your followers by avoiding losing them due to bad language. Be respectful in the Twitter community with good etiquette to keep your followers.

By using proper etiquette on Twitter, you are more likely to keep your followers. Having a large number of followers increases the chances that your tweets will be read and retweeted. Good etiquette on Twitter includes acknowledging users who retweet your content, retweeting after a user does the same for you, and avoiding spam messages and insults. Keep your followers and add new ones too as you follow these rules of etiquette.

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Comments (9)

Great twitter info here Christy! One thing that most people don't understand, though, is that to do a retweet through the Twitter pages is wrong, the retweets should be done inside the original tweeter's article/blog etc, so that they get the page views as well as the advertising...

Thank you Christy. But I am unable to get twitter though i try my best. Please help.

Thanks, Christy, for this informative article. I'm fairly new to Twitter, so this is very helpful. I'll try to acknowledge retweets from now on.

Ranked #20 in Twitter

I basically have the same etiquette in real life and in Twitter. I use tools to unfollow someone, it's very annoying to see someone unfollow you so I give them a taste of their own medicine. This is also worste if they do it for no reason.

Thanks Christy you are most experienced in Twitter stakes.

Ranked #19 in Twitter

Pretty much all common sense things to do and not do, Christy, but as some wise person said, "Common sense is the most uncommon thing in the world."

I follow most of your tips, however, I do get a lot of tweeters who use profanity and sex all the time and I block them out.  Marc's point is well taken.

Marc, you do raise a good point and I thank you for the contribution here. Paulose, are you confused by the abbreviations on Twitter? Here are some helpful hints: Also feel free to post a question in the Twitter Q&A Section for experts to respond and help you there.

Thanks everyone for the comments and votes!

Great article! It's wonderful advice for all of our electronic communications. :)