Do Auto Tweeters to Schedule Tweets Work to Promote Your Writing?
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Do Auto Tweeters to Schedule Tweets Work to Promote Your Writing?

I have found that using an auto tweeter is essential to getting hits for things that you post online. I like to post photos on Redgage and write articles for Factoidz. I have found that if I don't use an auto tweeter that the money made from these postings goes way down.

There are a lot of programs that will let you schedule tweets in advance.  Many of these programs are free to use.  For instance companies that offer free scheduling of tweets in a limited way are:

Hootsuite - You can schedule your tweets in advance.  It is kind of tedious and takes a bit of time, but the process is very easy.  If you have a paid subscription with Hootsuite, you can upload your scheduled tweets in a batch file.  The upgrade to Hootsuite Pro is $5.99 a month.  I tried the Pro version, but I found that I didn't use it enough to justify paying $71.88 a year.  I do use the free version occasionally, and I use the Hootlet quite a bit.  The Hootlet is a Google Extension that will allow you to tweet a page that you are viewing on the internet.  I find it very useful.

Gremln - This online tweet scheduler is another tool that I use to auto tweet.  They also have a free version of their service.  They are easier to use than Hootsuite for scheduling tweets, but they aren't quite as reliable.  They used to be under the name of Twaitter.  Even at that time their reliability was a big issue.  They are responsive if you have a problem, and are working on their glitches as they want to offer a paid subscription.  At this time I would use the free version.  I'm hesitant to use their paid service until they get some of their problems worked out.  Their paid service starts at $6.00 a month.

TweetDeck - this service is actually owned by twitter itself.  You can use this to also schedule tweets in advance.  Most of these twitter services are very similar to one another in the way that they look.  Usually they use a calendar of some sort that you can use in order to schedule your tweets and there is normally somewhere to view your pending tweets.  TweetDeck is strictly a free service

If you have a blog, you can use something like Twitterfeed.  Anytime you publish a new blog post the post will be automatically fed to your twitter account.  There are a lot of tools available to get out whatever it is that you want to market.  These tools are all very handy.  You can use a tweet button on your blog which will allow you to offer an easy way for people who want to share your post to do so. 

If you want to see your article views increase, try one of these tools to see what happens.  They will save you some time, and allow you to tweet when you are away from your computer. 

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Comments (13)

I use Hootlet quite often, too. It's so convenient. I'll have to look into some of the others you mentioned, thanks!

Ranked #12 in Twitter

Probably a good idea for when on holiday too!

Interesting and informative write-up. Thanks

I have used tweetdeck before and got results.

Ranked #2 in Twitter

YES! Auto tweeters to schedule tweets work brilliantly to promote articles. Thanks for the list Pat!

Good article... auto tweeters are quite useful!

Pat, I gotta get more involved in this concept!!! Voted!!! xoxoxo

I use Hootsuite and Gremln but haven't used Tweetduck. Will have to try that one. Thanks, Pat.

I used to use Twaitter when it let you schedule recurring tweets, but Twitter cracked down on that. Now I just tweet when I feel like it, not anywhere near as much as I used to.

yeahh . i used hootsuit and tweetdeck..

I need to try a few of these. Thanks for the information.

You are so right about the benefits of automation and it is so easy to do.

Can you schedule recurring tweets with Tweet Deck? Twaitter, now Gremln, has a horrible user interface. I haven't seen many other tools that require so many wasted clicks and so much hunting around to find and edit what you've already done!