Banksy Facebook Revolution
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Banksy Facebook Revolution

Banksy Facebook Revolution page that is a group of people setting out to tart a revolution and using people power to change things.

Social networking sites are a great place to start a revolution these days. Just look at the recent Egyption protests. It all started on Facebook. This is just an example of how groups of people coming together over a common cause can change things. Dramatically. The whole government in Egypt has been set upon by chaos from something that started on a social networking site.

The Banksy Facebook Revolution is aiming for similar things. However the people running this group are from all over the world and are hoping that through the power of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, they can make changes all over the world.

Banksy's art was chosen to represent this particular revolution due to the power of his art and the message it conveys.  Whatever your cause is, the likely hood is that Banksy probably has a piece of art to represent it.

Take this for example:

A little boy, similar to those working in the slums, with a t-shirt on saying 'I hate Mondays'.   I don't think I need to explain the powerful of this image, but it is one that hits heavy on the heart.

As such, the Banksy Facebook Revolution isn't fighting for just one cause, but wants to help out and fight for the ones that matter to you. Just by starting a discussion on this page, or writing about the things that are affecting you, such as Government cuts, poverty, etc you will be bringing awareness to your cause.

The only way this is going to work though is if people come together and join in. People power has already proved to be a much stronger power than any government, and the Banksy Facebook Revolution wants to become a strong power that fights causes that matter to you.

The page already has close to one thousand fans and is growing. 

Social networking sites in general are a good way to get the word out regarding a lot of things, whether it be hobbies and interests, music or charities. People still under estimate the power of the internet, but they shouldn't.

Here are the links if you would like to join and help out.

Banksy FB Revolution.

Banksy FB Revolution on Twitter.

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