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Using Twitter is a great way to promote your articles and expose your writing to many people who might otherwise not see your articles. Getting followers is part of promoting, but you need the right followers who share the same interests. And then you have to promote your articles to your followers.
Published by Sam Montana 88 months ago in Twitter | +39 votes | 29 comments
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Published by Ruby 111 months ago in Twitter | +33 votes | 10 comments
Any writer who uses Twitter to promote their articles knows how valuable this tool is to increase one's traffic. Also helpful for increasing traffic: the hashtag. Learn more about using hashtags on Twitter in general and, in particular, the new BUZZITUP hashtag for promotion of Knoji articles. Get more traffic and followers with #BuzzItUp.
Published by Account Deletion Requested 88 months ago in Twitter | +32 votes | 23 comments
The social media network Twitter and NBC are partnering for the 2012 London Olympics. No money will exchange hands between the television company and Twitter, although the agreement will mean great benefits for the companies. Users will also enjoy great coverage of Tweets by athletes at the Olympics, their families, the general public, and NBC TV stars.
Published by Christy Birmingham 82 months ago in Twitter | +28 votes | 5 comments
Generating positive attention on Twitter is important for networking on both personal and professional levels. Compose tweets that include the names of people in your network, whether these people are users that you follow or other connections. Create an effective Twitter profile using the outlined tips. Customizing tweets is another great way to garner positive attention. You may have just earned yourself a new follower, a read of recent tweets, and a new subscriber to your linked website.
Published by Christy Birmingham 87 months ago in Twitter | +26 votes | 13 comments
How to Be Successful on Twitter , Twitter Tips, secret ways on how to be successful on twitter, Twitter hashtags, twitter Best tweet timings, Retweet tips,
Published by Ruby 94 months ago in Twitter | +24 votes | 7 comments
Are you a business? Twitter has some surprisingly valuable use as an advertising platform for you!
Published by Dustin LaBarge 108 months ago in Twitter | +23 votes | 6 comments
A quality Twitter profile is a great way to make a first impression. The Bio section is a text-based section of the user’s Twitter profile that is constrained to 140 characters. Enhance your connections on the social media network by providing text that catches the eyes of users and persuades them to click the “follow” button to connect further with you.
Published by Christy Birmingham 88 months ago in Twitter | +21 votes | 8 comments
How to check who unfollows you followers on twitter see unfollowers on twitter
Published by Petal 96 months ago in Twitter | +20 votes | 8 comments
What are Twitter hashtags, you ask? Hashtags are simply a keyword preceded by a hash mark, Get Targeted Quality Followers on Twitter Using Hash Tags
Published by Girish Gehlod 105 months ago in Twitter | +20 votes | 5 comments
Twittley is a social networking site which may help you to get more traffic to your articles or your blog. Most everyone has a Twitter account and every link you submit in Twittley will immediately be published in Twitter and shared with your Twitter followers.
Published by Erik Van Tongerloo 113 months ago in Twitter | +20 votes | 22 comments
You can use Twitter as a valuable marketing tool for your business, whether you have a small, medium-sized, or large business. Also, Twitter can help complement your companyÂ’s current PR and customer service efforts.
Published by Jo 104 months ago in Twitter | +19 votes | 3 comments
Twitter is a fast-paced social media network that relies on brevity of words. Tweets are confined to 140 characters each. Use popular abbreviations to include more content in messages and to respond more easily with other Twitter users. As well, better understand other users' Tweets by learning the popular abbreviations. "TY", "YSW", "#WW, and "RT" are some of the popular abbreviations on Twitter.
Published by Christy Birmingham 88 months ago in Twitter | +18 votes | 16 comments
changing Twitter background how to change your Twitter home page background New Twitter design
Published by Petal 103 months ago in Twitter | +17 votes | 3 comments
Twitter is a very powerful tool that you can use to promote your products, services and articles. Thus, it would be a great advantage for you to learn how to schedule your tweets on Twitter. By doing so, you will be able to update your followers at any given minute or hour.
Published by Kent Maureen Peligrino 84 months ago in Twitter | +16 votes | 6 comments
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