5 Ways to Increase Twitter Readership
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5 Ways to Increase Twitter Readership

Twitter is a fast-paced social media network used by many people around the world each day. While your tweets can easily be lost amongst the sea of users, there are ways to increase Twitter readership. Use hashtags to identify keywords within your tweets and modify how you communicate with other users. Soon users may be looking to you to find out how to increase their own Twitter readership!

Tweets have a limited lifespan. Twitter is a fast-paced social media network used by many people around the world daily, which means your tweets can easily be lost amongst the sea of users. There are ways to increase Twitter readership, such as using hashtags and modifying how you communicate with other users.

Use Hashtags within Your Tweets

When you use hashtags within your tweets, you tell readers scanning the Twitter page at a glance exactly what is the subject of your message. Users are more likely to read the entire tweet or click on an embedded link if they are interested in your hashtags.

Hashtags are keywords about the information you want to convey in your tweet. For example, a tweet that includes #Facebook and #socialmedia tells users immediately that you are writing about Facebook.  Words that are typed with a hashtag automatically stand out to readers in bold colored text on Twitter. Readership increases when users see immediately the subject of your content as they scan the computer screen rather than read every word you write. When you use hashtags, you draw the reader’s attention.

Create Personal Wording for Your Tweets

When you tweet a link directly from a webpage, Twitter automatically inserts the original headline into the message as well. Add your own personal flair to the tweet along with the link by changing the headline. This extra effort helps your tweets sound more interesting to readers, which helps your information stand out from a sea of Twitter users.

One way to customize your tweets is to add in questions regarding the media link. For example, if you tweet a link to the latest YouTube video featuring Miley Cyrus, you could introduce the video with “Hey have you seen the great new video from Miley Cyrus?” If the original YouTube headline is “The official new video of Miley Cyrus”, you have definitely made your tweet more interesting by tweaking the wording.

When you customize the words, you peak the reader’s interest in your tweets. Your readership increases as well because users who click on a link embedded in one of your tweets are more likely to be interested in reading your other tweets too.

Interact With Other Twitter Users

Another great way to increase Twitter readership is to interact with other Twitter users regularly. Read tweets written by other users and then comment on the material by replying to the person who sent the message. When you acknowledge that person, you stand out from his or her crowd of followers. You arouse that person’s curiosity about you and he or she is more likely to click on your profile to read your other tweets. You increase your Twitter readership.

If you repeat this process with several people, you will make quality connections on Twitter. These people may retweet your messages, and your material reaches even more readers. Your Twitter readership increases with each retweet given the potential audience for your tweets rises.

Tweet Quality Material

When you tweet quality material you are also more likely to increase Twitter readership. Quality relates to any media links you embed in your tweets and to the general wording of your tweets. For the links, ensure you share quality websites and information. Try to avoid low-grade photography or photos and words that are in bad taste. You risk eliminating readers who are offended or disappointed by these materials. Your readership decreases rather than seeing an increase.

Quality of wording and links is important as well because your tweets are a representation of yourself. Many people on Twitter only know you by your profile; you will likely not meet in real life with many connections there. Create a good image by sharing quality material on Twitter; you increase your readership by establishing a good reputation with your followers.

 Examine Twitter Profiles That Have Several Followers

Another way to increase Twitter readership is to look at the Twitter profiles of people who have several followers. You may be able to pick up additional tips to increase the number of Twitter followers you have, which increases your opportunities for readership.

Examine how tweets are worded by these people and how they interact with their followers. You will likely see many of the above-noted features to increase Twitter readership. Ask them if they have tips to share with you or have read any useful articles pertaining to Twitter. They will likely be flattered that you have asked their opinions and share tips with you to earn your loyalty as a reader too.

There are several ways to increase Twitter readership. Include hashtags in your tweets and word your tweets uniquely when you add media links. Help your Twitter profile stand out from the crowd by engaging in conversations with other users and by tweeting quality material. Soon users may be looking to you to find out how to increase their own Twitter readership!

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