3 Top Tips for Tweeting
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3 Top Tips for Tweeting

Learn how to make Tweets that will improve your Twitter experience. With these methods you will gain valuable followers.

Twitter is a great way to make new contacts either for business or pleasure.

Many people try and get new followers but do little other than follow as may people as possible in the hope that they follow them back. To really get valued followers and to make Twitter a valuable tool for you the way that you send messages is important. It should not be used just to 'blast' out information in the hope that someone will read it. People will more likely read 'tweets' from people that they have interacted with. The 3 tips below if followed will work to improve your Twitter experience and people will begin to warm to you and follow you.

Apply these techniques to everyone that you follow whether or not they follow you. Spend some day each day on carrying these out.

Use Social Chit Chat

Answer the Twitter question "What are you doing?" In addition take an interest in what other people are doing. Don't try and sell a product or shout at people from the rooftops. Simply interact in the same manner that you might do at a social gathering where you are getting to know people for the first time or catch up on news with those that you have met before. Be friendly and show a genuine interest in people that you chat with. Be a good listener as well as say things about yourself. There is no need to get too personal in the details that you give out in fact it is wise to be security conscious.


When you find interesting items that you can tweet or re-tweet do so. Place a web link so that people can easily find the point that you found interesting. Share photos using Twitpic or a similar system. You may just tweet a positive thought, one of life's sayings, a happy or sad moment or describe something interesting you have just seen. Whatever interesting thing it is share it.

Answer Questions & Help People

Be willing to give your help and support when you can to fellow tweeters. You will gain a reputation as someone to follow and will build trust in the Twitter Sphere. You could show yourself to be an expert in a particular field of knowledge as well as a decent person to follow.

Follow these 3 tips and you find great enjoyment in using Twitter and building a list of followers. There are many rewards for being involved in Twitter so spend a few minutes each day checking your messages and responding to tweets sent to you as mentions or direct messages and get involved.

By following these 3 tips you will be successful. Follow me on Twitter to see how I do it. Click Here

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Comments (9)

Thanks for this. I have been wondering how to twitter better. Excellent job!

reading glasses

You know how people are saying how to use twitter as a powerful marketing tool, but I do not understand. Your article gives me more ideas, thank you.

Ranked #13 in Twitter

I am pleased that I have given you some help with Twitter. Keep learning and using it and you will find it a great tool.

voted up!

Roland Millward

Thanks for voting this up.

Ranked #17 in Twitter

Excellent tips. I'm just starting to use Twitter. Taking it slow so I get it right.

Ranked #13 in Twitter

Hi Pat. Thanks for your comment. Twitter is a great tool to use, I hope that you enjoy the experience.

Ranked #28 in Twitter

That doesn't tend to happen with me for the reason: Most of my promotion views don't come from my followers, but from others that look stuff up on Twitter and find my tweets. My followers do help rank me up though, so they are important =) *Voted up*

Interesting. Voted up